• There is no shortage of collection agencies out there, but finding a group that is regimented, honest, customer service forward and productive like Keynote is not easy. We used to partner with a number of companies and would work with whoever came our way, but we are proud to work exclusively with Keynote today. Every client we refer is impressed. They make us look good by virtue of providing a valued partner and we love working with their team.


    Founding Partner, The Auctus Group

  • Keynote has been collecting on our delinquent accounts for the past 15 years or more. They are very diligent and successful in the collection process. Their staff is always courteous and helpful.

    Dr. Pearlman

    Drs. Pearlman, Klenetsky, and Simcox

  • When we opened Webster Dental nearly 30 years ago, I went to various firms for all my delinquent account needs, and none have been as effective as keynote.

    Jeana McKeehan

    Accounts Manager, Webster Dental Care

  • Over the years they have exemplified consistency and professionalism. We are very pleased with the lever of service they provide. Keynote’s ability to recoup funds and resolve accounts is essential to the success of our business.

    Alma Vulic

    Bookkeeping, Cagan Management Group, Inc.

  • Over the past 11 years Keynote has been dedicated to our debt and judgment recovery. We have established a long term positive working relationship. By far, they have been the most effective collections company.

    TBS Properties LLC. Management

  • We have been using the collection services of Keynote Consulting since 2005 In difficult cases Keynote worked fast and efficiently to represent our interests and settle pending balances

    Lizete Diaz

    Business Manager, Terry Hefter & Assoc

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