Collections Programs

All accounts placed with Keynote receive the same care and attention. Sending letters and making phones calls isn’t always enough. We utilize in house and out side skip tracing resources. Credit bureau reporting options are available.

Early Out/Pre-Collection Program

This program is a great option for creditors who are looking for an easy respectful way to remind their customers of a past due amount without going to a full collection program. 1-4 letters will be sent to remind consumers of outstanding balances and invites them to contact the creditor directly to resolve the matter. This program is offered at a very competitive rate.

No Success, No Charge

All full collection accounts accepted by Keynote Consulting are billed on a contingency basis. There are no placement fees or up-front costs. If we are unsuccessful, there is no charge to our clients.

Primary/First Placements

Accounts that have not been placed with a prior collection agency. Usually ranging from 60-180 days past due, these accounts are considered “first placements”.

Second Placements

Accounts that had been previously placed with another collection agency without success are second placement accounts. Many proactive recovery managers utilize this service.

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