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Keynote Collections, Inc., maintains a high standard of business ethics to which all personnel are required to adhere.

Our collectors treat all our clients, debtors and their own peers with honesty and respect; this is at the "heart" of our company's "core values."

Collection Strategy

The philosophy at KCI is to treat every individual with respect and dignity. Our strategy is to employ a unique approach in dealing with consumers so that when they are able to pay we are positioned to be a priority. Abusive calls and heavy-handed tactics are not tolerated. The collectors are trained, however, to conduct themselves in an efficient, professional manner in order to obtain firm promises.

Collection System

Our automated collection package is a state-of-the-art, network-based system taking advantage of all of the most current hardware and software. The collection software being provides KCI with the flexibility to provide a variety of reports and statistical evaluations.

Integrated into our collection database is the ability to access a variety of proprietary databases. We store a national address and phone number database on our server. This software is updated quarterly and allows the staff to instantly access address and telephone information on a national level

KCI has a highly automated progressive skip tracing process. All new accounts are run through a NATIONAL CHANGE OF ADDRESS prior to the first demand letter being sent. Accounts without telephone numbers are then progressively passed through three proprietary databases looking for address and/or name matches. The final pass is Electronic Directory Assistance (EDA), which is comprised of the Regional Bell directories.


KCI will be happy to provide copies of all current licenses upon execution of the contract.

Our Fees

Our fee arrangements are very flexible and are based on a contingency fee. No fees will be due unless the account is collected.

We find that we compete with any agency, at comparable fee structures, and we are open for discussion regarding your organization's "going rate."

Skip Tracing

Our skip tracing department consists of personnel strictly dedicated to locating debtors throughout the country. They utilize all the latest technology in assisting their efforts. We have direct access to the three largest credit reporting services which provides us with up to date credit bureau reports, social security searches, current address, and any name changes the debtor has used throughout the country. Also available are, Department of Motor Vehicle searches, social security traces, outsource skip tracing services, and Internet skip tracing sites. In addition, we report any authorized claim to all three credit bureau reporting agencies.

Legal Accounts

We have an extensive attorney network developed over the past 20 years and we have many active accounts with attorneys at any one time. Our firm's criteria for attorney selection usually results from a recommendation from the Commercial Law League of America and all are bonded for $1,000,000.00 each.

KCI has developed and maintained long-standing relationships with law firms across the country, all of which are listed in various law directories.

The length of time to initiate litigation and the cost may vary, although the average is approximately 90 days (again, most of the attorneys will attempt to collect the debt prior to filing suit) with the costs ranging between $150 and $275 for initial suit filing and service combined. Our collectors qualify each account for assets such as property ownership, attachable employment wages prior to referring the account to an attorney for suit.

Our Letter System

We are consistently employing state of the art strategies to improve our letters. We have tested a variety of letters in various stages of delinquency. We discovered that by removing the conventional verbiage from the collection dun notices, and communicating a little empathy, we have received a much higher response from consumers that we had previously been unable to contact.

Custom letters for special circumstances are available.

Client Reporting

Client reports routinely generated include, but are not limited to reports such as:

Settlement and Paid in Full reports

New listing acknowledgements

Status reports

Contract Proposal

As you can see, we have an outstanding agency with cutting edge technology and a high degree of professionalism and experience We'd love to sit down with you to discuss your needs and to present a contract proposal. Please feel free to contact Ronald Bronstein or Andrew Cole, at 847-788-1530.