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Keynote Collections, Inc. was established in 1994 as a privately owned collection agency in Buffalo Grove. Keynote has perfected a proven style for collecting medical, consumer and commercial accounts.


Andrew Cole, President - is President of Keynote Collections, Inc. since 1994, and has extensive experience in all phases of collection operations and management. In addition, after working as a collector and an accountant he served as the Operations Manager for a consumer collection law firm for several years. Andrew was also a Collection Manager and Credit Card Portfolio Manager for a community bank in the Chicago area for eight years.


Ron Bronstein, Chief Operating Officer - - has accumulated 30 years of experience in the collection industry, including the establishment and management of Legal Departments, and Collection Management. Ron was an executive at a North Shore agency for 24 years prior to becoming Chief Operating Officer at Keynote Collections, Inc. in February 2003.

As Chief Operating Officer of Keynote Collections, Inc. Ron is focused on excellent customer service and makes a point to always be available to all of our clients.


For more information, contact Ron Bronstein, Chief Operating Officer of Keynote Collections, Inc. at

(847) 788-1530 or via email.

Our Strengths:

Some of our strengths in the industry include the following:

Systems - We maintain state-of-the-art collection and skip-tracing software.

Telecommunications - Our telephone switch gives us the ability to assign individual 800 numbers to each of our collectors. This feature enables us to capture caller ID on every incoming call.

Management Staff - Our management team are all highly trained and skilled collection specialists.

Collection Staff - Our collection staff undergo an intense training program in both systems and collection strategies. We have been successful in hiring friendly intelligent people who strive to meet their goals. Our collectors are amongst the top producers of all collection agencies in Chicago and Illinois.

Cohesiveness - We're large enough to utilize some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry, yet small enough for each employee to enjoy the feeling of being part of a strong team.

Success/Flexibility - We have been successful in many facets of the collection industry.

Information - We currently utilize a variety of data base resources for information scrubbing, credit scoring, electronic directory assistance, reverse address lookup, U.S. Postal address updates, etc.